The major attributes of roller press

Roller press, which can be also referred to as extruding mill and horizontal mill, can be a new form of cement grinding system which was formulated from your mid nineteen eighties. It really is to take the place of ball mill

program whose vitality consumption is substantial but performance is lower. Additionally, it has the merits of minimizing intake of steel items and noisy, which is particularly appropriate towards the development of new factories along with the engineering update of old factories. It increases the output of ball mill technique by 30% to 50%. The material cakes which have been extruded include 20% to 35% good components whose diameters are only 0.08mm and 65% to 85% other materials whose diameters are more compact than 2mm. The internal structures in the particles are filled with cracks by way of pressure, therefore the grindability in the materials is significantly improved.

The major attributes of roller press

(one) It could make the grinding devices make around they are able to. Normally speaking, the output could be enhanced by 30% to 40%, nevertheless the complete electricity intake is decreased by 20% to 30%.

(2) It’s a compact composition, mild bodyweight as well as a tiny dimension. In comparison with all the other grinding systems obtaining the same productive ability, roller tension can preserve the investment considerably.

(3) It’s an easy framework, occupies a little room and will be operated and fixed conveniently.

(four) Compared with other grinding devices, roller press has a lot less energy ash and reduce sounds, which can enhance the operating situation.

The application of energy saving engineering to make use of roller press grinding cement

During the entire process of cement creation, 60% to 70% electric power usage in the unit products is expended in grinding uncooked components, reliable fuel and cement clinker. Therefore the grinding technological innovation system taking ball mill as the primary devices must remain changed, and also the one particular which has a superior functionality, an advanced structure along with a higher electricity utilization rate ought to be taken. This method whose main characteristic is adopting materials layer crushing principle adopts vertical mill

and roller press (also called extruding mill) as principal grinding devices. The grinding technique can save 30% to 40% electricity and reduce the electricity intake of cement unit merchandise by 20% to 30% by adopting energy-saving grinding machine and also the relating technological innovation. Roller press and extruding grinding technology, which adopt cutting-edge material layer crushing principle, are to show the resources which might be fed into your two rollers of roller press into compact and flat materials cakes with lots of little cracks on it below powerful stress. These cakes consist of lots of very small powder, which improves the grindability greatly. The mix grinding program and semi-finished grinding method are made up of roller press and V type grading machine hierarchical thrasher (or hierarchical thrasher). They adopt lower pressure and better circulation technological innovation, which could not merely increase the output of grinding program drastically but in addition enhance the support daily life of units.

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